A road from “my denial” toward recovery.

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Thank God for giving me the life and the will to start the journey, Jesus Christ for being my Savior and coming with me.

I have owned an art gallery, been an art restorer, a poet, a song writer, a fisherman, a charter boat captain, a sailboat skipper with extensive experience in the West Indies, a missionary boat captain, and have been alcohol and drug free since 1981. I remember very clearly how tough sobriety was early on, and I promised to someday make an album about this.

A Pastor friend of mine, also in recovery, often says, "There are two kinds of people, those who are in recovery, and those that should be". GOD wants to help us with any issue that is keeping us from getting nearer to HIM! ANY hurt, habit, or hangup what so ever!

Substance abuse, (alcoholism , drug addiction, stop smoking), anger management, fear, jealousy, co-dependency, depression, control issues, sexual integrity, faith problems, financial worries, trust concerns, honesty, sense of self-worth, understanding of love, weight problems, feelings of insecurity, resentments, forgiveness, emotional instability, -----etc.

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JESUS CHRIST, as our HIGHER POWER, WANTS to walk us through all of these issues All we have to do is ASK ! It is pointless to fight JESUS, HE is UNDEFEATED !!

I belong to several 12 step programs, and understand the importance of “giving it away in order to keep it”. I hope you enjoy my music and if there is anyone who might be helped by my words, then I am truly thankful to God for using me as his instrument to do this!Kenny Keyes

With love,
Kenny K.